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Lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about uterus and menses, lets talk about all the problems and the remedies that may be. Lets talk about feminism, (non)reproduction, sexuality, gender, health, politics, solidarity and anything else that might occur to me!

This blog was inspired by many wonderful blogs in the Spanish language that offer women information, resources, discussion, analysis and exploration of all the above mentioned themes from an alternative, feminist perspective that promote self-knowledge, bodily autonomy and sexual and (non)reproductive rights. I felt that, although there are great resources to be found in the English speaking world, there are still some gaps in the holistic view of women’s health, rights and feminism, resources that seem abundant in Spanish. So this blog aims to contribute a little more information and musings along these lines without pretending to be ‘the’ authority on any of these subjects.

This is not a menstrual blog. Although the theme of menstruation will probably feature heavily. I believe that women’s health, sexuality and (non)reproductive rights reach far beyond menstruation. It must also be recognised that not all women menstruate, nor do all women have uteruses. While I pay daily attention to my menstrual cycle, I am very skeptical of some elements of the pro-period movement that would seem to reduce women to this single biological function.

In writing this blog I hope to be as inclusive as possible to all who identify as women but I must recognize that as a white, Irish, 30 something, cisgender, heterosexual woman my experience and perspective is often informed and limited by these identities. I do not pretend to speak for anyone other than myself, and if, while reading this, something does not sit right with you please call me out.

Gloria Steinem affirms that we “teach what we need to learn and write what we need to know.” Thus this blog reflects things I have learned and experienced over my 30 odd years, but specifically, things I feel I need to know more about and reflect upon more deeply. I hope through writing about these issues

This is the sexual education I never had, that most women will never have, but which many of us are discovering for ourselves and sharing our discoveries with others.

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My name is Aisling Walsh and I have been living in Guatemala for the last two and a half years. Until recently I was working in a human rights NGO, but having trained as a doula In 2013 I awakened a passion, long dormant, for all things related to sexuality, (non)reproduction, and birth. So much so that I quit my job and have begun training here in Guatemala to become a midwife. I also have a passion for writing and somehow want to combine my reflections on my journey into midwifery with all my other interests mentioned above in this space.

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